Smart Stability

Bad set up, bad monitoring, bad weather, all are potential reasons why what initially appeared to be a stable towerlight deployment can change to be a very nasty accident.

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How Heimdall can help

Mobile towerlights are used in a number of different environments. Whether construction, road works, railway maintenance, events or for spot hire and sports fields, these operations have one thing in common… people.

Whenever a towerlight is deployed there is the risk of potential instability and a catastrophic collapse. A change in the units' stability can be the result of a change in ground conditions or a change of weather. Whatever the reason, the risk of significant injury to people on the ground — or travelling alongside the work site in the case of road works — is considerable should a towerlight become unstable and fall.

With laws governing a company's duty of care and director's responsibilities regarding safety at work, a work environment with a managed and minimum risk of injury to employees or the general public is of primary importance.

Heimdall’s Smart Stability system significantly reduces the risk of towerlight collapse on all work and event sites. The hydraulic legs allow for easy deployment, the operator can lower all the support legs from one position. The mast cannot be raised above 3 metres unless the legs are deployed, the distribution of the load is equal and the Smart Stability system active.

After deployment and over the subsequent days and weeks, the unit self-monitors by continually measuring the weight and pressure distribution at each corner of the unit. The Smart system calculates and recalculates the stability of the unit.

If a change is detected that results in the unit becoming at risk of a fall, then the system acts. The mast is automatically lowered to a safe height and the system then continues to calculate the stability. The mast will not redeploy until the user has evaluated the situation and safely reset the tower light in an environment where it is safe to do so.

Similar to how your own body reacts when you realise you are falling — you move and change position. The Heimdall Smart Stability system does the same.

So during those winter storms, when wind can blow us over or heavy rain soften ground, the Heimdall HD-S and HD-E range of towerlights have got you, your site and your businesses covered. Security and peace of mind — rest assured that action is being taken.

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