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Extended Service Intervals

For a company wishing to maintain a fleet of machines, service is an expensive business — a constraint on your own employee’s valuable time and a significant cost to your business.

If you choose not to service, then when things go wrong they really go wrong and how many suppliers want to help when they realise they have a get out?

Heimdall offer extended service intervals on their complete range of towerlights as standard. Service intervals of 1000 hours are standard on the HD-S and HD-E range of machines.

Relax and be assured that your fleet of Heimdall towerlights are fully compliant with our recommended service intervals while watching your company save money. Use our ‘Extended Service Saver’ to calculate how much you could save when substituting Heimdall for your current towerlight provider.

Extended Service Savings Calculator

Enter your current tower light running details here to work out how much you could save with a Heimdall mobile towerlight.

With your current service interval hours of , tower fleet size of units and service cost of £ we have calculated the following savings:

Heimdall would save your business over the life of the engine versus your current tower light, with a fleet saving.

(Based on 5000 hours life of the engine) Restart Calculator

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