About our Product

A true hybrid, the HD-E uses LED lights to minimise fuel consumption and environmental waste. The hybrid specification ensures the engine only runs when power is required to charge the systems power pack. This minimises noise pollution and unnecessary engine use, while the engine management system works to ensure the engine is always running under optimal load to maximise engine life. In keeping with all Heimdall products, the HD-E towerlights come with the ‘Smart Stability’ system fitted as standard and integrated with the hydraulic support legs. Heimdall towerlights take site safety to the next level.

Key Specification
‘Smart Stability’ system* manages weather and changing ground conditions automatically
4 x Hydraulically controlled raise/lower stabiliser legs
Heimdall ‘Shadow’ Telemetry as standard
1000 hour generator service intervals as standard
Maximum height 9 metres
Wind resistance measured as greater than all comparable competitor models
Hydraulic mast lifting system
340 degree mast rotation
Individual on/off lamp switches
4 x 1000w metal halide lamps
3kva 230v power outlets with MCB protection
180 litre fuel tank
94 hours run time
4 x 160w LED lamps
Hybrid generator system: Charging battery bank when required

* patent pending

About the Unit

Automatically sensing a change in the stability of the towerlight due to changing ground conditions or inclement weather, the HD-E will automatically lower the 9m mast to a ‘safe position’, minimising the risk of catastrophic roll over. 1000 hour service intervals and Heimdall Shadow telemetry fitted as standard compliment a class leading product offer.